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Oak Bay Medical Centre is a primary care medical clinic located in Oak Bay Plaza, in the southwest community of Oakridge. The Centre was founded in 2003 and has been serving the medical needs of Calgarians ever since. We specialize in personalized maternity care for our patients, committed to providing optimal care for both mom and baby.

In addition to offering prenatal care and additional educational resources to our maternity clinic patients, we also offer a full-spectrum of Alberta Health insured services including general health services, preventative care, chronic disease management, routine examinations, family planning, psychological counselling, and more. Our team is devoted to helping our patients achieve exceptional health and well being at our medical and maternity clinic in Calgary.

My Health Records is now online. This is an Alberta Health secure portal through which patients can access specific lab results. While lab results are now more readily available to patients, we ask that patients with questions about their results still book an appointment with their physician to discuss their care.
Maternity Clinic Calgary


Physician-delivered, low-risk prenatal care and delivery with a personal focus.

Calgary IUD Clinic


Effective, forgettable, long-acting, reversible contraception tailored to your needs.

hemorrhoid clinic calgary


A non-surgical, painless, and effective internal hemorrhoid solution with minimal downtime.

Migraine Clinic Calgary


Injection therapy for a proven reduction in migraine frequency, duration, and intensity.

Ingrown Toenail Clinic Calgary


Immediate relief of painful ingrown nails and recurrent nail fold infections.

Oak Bay Medical Centre


Advanced dermoscopic skin evaluations for detection of skin malignancy. Excision of nuisance subcutaneous lumps.

Receive Personalized Care at Our Medical Clinic

You can trust our team of physicians to provide outstanding care during low-risk pregnancies and postpartum care. We understand that every pregnancy is special and unique, and we are with you every step of the way. Our maternity physicians are affiliated with the Mountainview Maternity call group, an established low-risk physician group that performs deliveries out of Rockyview General Hospital. We strive to offer individualized and personal care to our low-risk prenatal patients at our Calgary maternity clinic, from the time of conception to after delivery. Let us support you and share in the experience of your special journey.


Dr Wesam Salem

Dr. Wesam Salem

Dr. Salem holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Calgary. He started off in his first career as a chemist in the oil and gas sector before later going on to complete both his Medical Degree and Postgraduate Residency Training at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. He currently works as a full-time family physician in Southwest Calgary and possesses a wide area of practice interests.

He has a strong passion for both obstetrics and procedural medicine, and has been delivering babies since 2010. At present, he is the low-risk obstetrical representative on the Rockyview General Hospital MoreOB (Managing Obstetrical Risk Effectively) Committee. This committee aims to create a culture of patient safety on obstetrical units, by ensuring hospital practices remain consistent with current and evidence-based guidelines. He is also an instructor in Fetal Health Surveillance, which pertains to best practices around the evaluation and interpretation of intrapartum fetal health status. Away from the office, Dr. Salem devotes his free time to his loving wife and young children. He thoroughly enjoys all things hockey.

Dr. Erin Nichols

Dr. Erin Nicholls

Dr. Erin Nicholls did her undergraduate and master’s degrees in microbiology & immunology at the University of British Columbia. She previously worked in labs doing immunology research. She did her medical school and residency training through the University of Calgary and was been working out of the Rockyview since finishing residency in 2015.

Dr. Rossana Arcega
Dr. Doug Caine
Dr. Matthew Ferrao
Dr. Scott Forsyth

Dr. Michael Penkman
Dr. Wesam Salem
Dr. Michael Yosefi
Dr. Erin Nicholls

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