A pregnant Caucasian woman is indoors in a doctor's office. Her female doctor is wearing medical clothing. The woman is holding her stomach which the doctor writes on a clipboard.

The Importance of Maternity Clinics in Calgary

If you’re expecting, you should find a trusted maternity clinic in Calgary to provide you with the best prenatal care during your entire pregnancy. Attending a maternity clinic is essential for the optimum health for you and your baby.

Track Your Baby’s Development With a Maternity Clinic

When you attend your regular appointments at a Calgary maternity clinic, you’ll be able to track your baby’s growth and development. After 20 weeks, your doctors will measure your tummy at each appointment and inform you of the baby’s overall health. Measuring the baby’s growth will let you know that everything is progressing normally with your pregnancy.

Get the Proper Testing at a Maternity Clinic in Calgary

It’s important to attend all of your appointments at a maternity clinic so that doctors can perform all of the necessary tests on you and your baby. In your first trimester, doctors will test for chromosomal abnormalities such as down syndrome. Testing for gestational diabetes will occur just past the halfway mark.

Reduce the Risk of Pregnancy Complications

When you receive the proper testing, healthcare professionals have a better chance of detecting any possible complications. While the chances are that your pregnancy will be completely normal, maternity clinics in Calgary can provide the care you need if any issues arise and refer you to a high-risk facility if required.

Learn Everything You Can About Labour and Delivery From a Calgary Maternity Clinic

You’ll probably have questions about labour and delivery, especially if you’re going through your first pregnancy. A medical clinic that specializes in prenatal care can provide you with brochures and information pamphlets as well as offer personal support and answers to your questions.

Get Your Questions Answered at a Maternity Clinic

In addition to questions about labour and delivery, you may be wondering about other pregnancy-related concerns. At a Calgary maternity clinic, you can learn about proper gestational nutrition, working during pregnancy, infant immunizations, and more. You may also want to ask the doctor’s at a Calgary maternity clinic about IUD insertion following delivery.

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