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How Maternity Clinics Have Improved Over The Years

Due to the constant advancements of technology, the quality of medical care given at maternity clinics and other facilities has greatly improved over the years. While technology isn’t the only reason for such improvements, it has played a major part in allowing for more accurate ultrasounds and more frequent and thorough screenings.

Technological Advancements of Maternity Clinics

It has always been important for pregnant women to consistently visit a maternity clinic, there are things that technological advancements have improved or made possible over the years. Ultrasounds that are taken at 9-14 weeks scan for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome. Calgary maternity clinics have become increasingly accurate in such scans. In addition, ultrasounds taken in a Calgary medical clinic to determine the date of conception are more readily available and are remarkably accurate. Further ultrasounds and screenings provided by a maternity clinic such as diabetes screening and ultrasounds to determine a baby’s gender are more reliable due to technological advancements.

Overall Improvements in Maternity Clinics

The frequency of prenatal visits is increasing among pregnant women and as such, they are receiving more consistent care and have easy access to the maternity resources they require. With an increase in knowledge and information about pregnancy in general, health care providers at maternity clinics are better equipped to provide personal and individual care to their patients.


Childbirth has also seen advancements through the years including the options for women to give birth in a more comfortable position and to move around more during labour. Maternity clinics can prepare women for the childbirth process and present useful information and resources in addition to prenatal care.


With the increased accessibility of information and advancements that have given rise to new discoveries, doctors are more informed and knowledgeable than ever and are thus able to provide better care for their patients. Head to a medical clinic in Calgary whether you’re seeking maternity resources and prenatal care or other medical information.


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