When Should I Go to the Hospital?

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It is important that all pregnant women are aware when it is necessary to go to the hospital for evaluation. While some of these features are more relevant to later in the pregnancy, it is helpful for expectant mothers to be aware of them. If you are >20 weeks pregnant, you should go. Labour Contractions […]

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercising While Pregnant

How much exercise is safe in pregnancy?  What do I need to stop? You may be nervous about exercising in pregnancy.  Many of our pregnant patients have been told or assumed they need to “take it easy” to protect their baby.  This is only partly true.  There are indeed some forms of exercise that are […]

Fetal Health Surveillance – Listening to Baby

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What is Fetal Health Surveillance? Fetal Health Surveillance (FHS) refers to the various techniques that health care providers use to evaluate the health of your baby. All health care providers aim to ensure that the baby remains healthy before, during, and after delivery. It is quite important for both expectant mothers and health providers to […]

Induction of Labour

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What is Induction of Labour?Induction of Labour describes a medical intervention that is performed to initiate labour, rather than waiting for labour to start on its own. Inducing labour can be achieved by using medicine, or by performing a procedure. It is recommended by your healthcare provider when the risks of carrying forward with pregnancy […]

In Pursuit of a Natural Delivery – The Reduced Trial

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In Pursuit of a Natural Delivery – The Reduced Trial The safety of a mother and her unborn baby is the top priority during a delivery. When safe for a woman to labour, a natural unassisted vaginal delivery is most often the primary objective of the medical team. In most cases, a vaginal delivery offers […]

3 Tips For Preparing For Your Baby’s Birth

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With a baby on the way, you are probably overwhelmed with an array of emotions and stressed about what’s coming. But you don’t have to be. If you take the right steps, you can prepare yourself for the birth of your baby.  3 Tips To Help You Prepare For Baby’s Birth   1. Understanding Your PreferencesYou […]

5 Benefits of Getting an IUD

Over the last few years, IUDs have become a staple contraceptive for women. What is the reason for this massive increase in demand? Why are more and more women trying this new contraceptive? It all comes down to the many benefits that IUDs have to offer. Contact our IUD Clinic in Calgary today. Very Effective […]

Thoughts on Medical Marijuana

In the coming days, the Cannabis Act will be passed by the Federal Government to legalize marijuana. Naturally, there has been an increased trend to patients asking about medical marijuana to treat their chronic conditions or ailments. The term “Medical Marijuana” has become a hot topic of late and medical marijuana clinics expect no shortage […]

Why Going to An IUD Clinic Might Be Right For You

Choosing a form of contraception can make for a difficult decision. There are side effects to consider, as well as potential complications, and overall effectiveness. IUDs are the buzz right now, and for several good reasons. They are the most effective (>99%) of all the reversible contraceptive options available in Canada.  Only permanent contraception (vasectomy, […]